About Us

Our vision: A world where people are doing what they were created to do in companies succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

Our mission: To transform the world by transforming the workplace.

Every person was created to be successful. Lack of success is misalignment in capacity or will. The biggest competitive advantage any company has is the unique set of souls & skills employed at any given time. When these are aligned, the workplace flows, productivity (and profits!) increase, and growth happens. Our job is to help every client be successful by aligning the people.

“Profit for a company is like oxygen for a person. If you don’t have enough of it, you’re out of the game. But if you think your life is about breathing, you’re really missing something.” – Peter Drucker

Profit is essential, but it only comes through people.

As a founder or a leader of a family business, your business is far more than “just a job.” It’s a part of you, your heritage, and your legacy. Your goal is to reach your ideal of success. Our goal is to get you there, by helping you build and deploy the best workforce possible.

As a thought leader in the HR space, The Hayes Approach (THA) works with organizations (especially those who are founder led and/or family owned) in our Outsourced HR business. We partner with clients across the nation to provide a wide range of hands-on services, from the basics of traditional HR to advanced coaching, leadership, and workplace solutions.

You’ve got work to do. We help your people get it done.

Job design, employee assessment, payroll, benefits, performance assessment, employee relations … if it touches your employees, we’ve got you covered.

Meet Our Team

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Brad Albertson

HR Director

Coleece Posey Cochran

HR Director

Gail Conway

HR Director

Kimberly Dunham

Office Manager

Stacey Franklin

Operations & HR Director

Joanne Garrett

Payroll Director

Leslie Hayes

Founder and President

Trish Kolarik

HR Director