Looking for Training and Development? At THA we like to call this Active Professional Learning. What is Active Professional Learning? You know how to do brain surgery, right?  Or fly a plane?  Even make a perfect soufflé?  Just pick up a book and read through it – you’ll be fine.  That suggestion seems ludicrous if you are the patient receiving the operation or the passenger riding in that plane, yet this method is exactly the one most of us use to improve our interpersonal, business and leadership skills.  If it doesn’t work for surgery, piloting and master cooking, why would we expect that leadership would be any different?  At THA, we don’t. We recognize that gaining, developing and using leadership, interpersonal and business skills is a complex, lifelong process and that we can only improve when we have valuable instruction, good tools and a chance to practice.   Through our Active Professional Learning (APL) practice, we bring together the best information, latest technology and proven adult learning research to create courses, workshops and programs that get knowledge out of the course and into the daily thoughts and actions of you and your coworkers.


Some examples of our work…

DEAL Cards Deal   
For all of our projects… We use the ADDIE model. What is the ADDIE model? Check out this great inforgraph created by Nicole Legault over at the Articulate Network.


Have you heard of Gamification?

Learn how adding elements of gaming to your learning platform helps drive engagement with this amazing infograph from KNEWTON.