Technology, equipment, products and services are necessary to a successful business but even with all of them, the business will not succeed if the right people are not in the right places in the organization motivated to do the right things.  People are essential to any organization, yet integrating people needs with business demands can be complicated at best, and Strategic HR is the practice of that integration.

At THA, we use our trademarked Employee Life Cycle to ensure the HR practices of our clients are fully aligned to further the business strategies and promote organizational success.  From the simplest HR pay change to the most complicated employee situation, our process assures that each circumstance receives exactly the right type and amount of attention – no more, no less.
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Who can benefit from Strategic HR?

Any organization with more than one person will experience HR challenges, but Strategic HR is most effective for organizations of ten or more individuals.


Why Choose Us

  • Our Approach is hands on, relaxed and enjoyable
  • We target a minimum of %100 ROI
  • We only take on clients that we can serve effectively
  • We follow up and help our clients grow long term
  • We love what we do and it shows
  • We’ll work with your budget

What Our Client’s Say

Things that I have always wanted to do have now become things that are getting done. Life changing decisions are now in my control. And if asked, I would say there is no better feeling.
Davina Anderson,
Using The Hayes Approach workshops was a great investment for FUJIFILM! We saw benefits immediately and measured a 169% return on investment after 8 months!
Jean Blair, FujiFilm Manufacturint U.S.A., Inc
Leslie Hayes and her staff are great to work with. Leslie worked with me one-on-one during several meetings. With a wealth of information and experience, she counseled and advised in order to help me address my particular problems with ease.
Janet Aguilar,