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I once asked a church leader…

what he thought was the reason most pastors & ministers entered the ministry. He said,

“Most pastors get into it because they want to be used by God to advance His kingdom.
They want to see people’s lives transformed.”

Let’s put that in a business context. Have you ever heard a highly successful executive say something like this?

“I have given every ounce of who I am to my organizations motivated by the desire to build communities of employees that daily reap personal fulfillment through their work. I strive to invest so much in our employees and customers that they actually reach their full potential in life. In my opinion, the value of our products and services is measured by the  good they do for real people.”

What would it be like if every organization had leadership like this?
Risky? Yes.
Costly? Probably.
Radical? Definitely.
Transforming the lives of people in organizations and customers all over the world? Absolutely!

Picture yourself living out that kind of leadership. What do you see?


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