Hang Ten and Keep the Plates Spinning

I remember the housing bubble in the late 1990’s – when subprime mortgage refinancing was the key to a debt-free tomorrow and home values were never going to drop.  I also remember the financial crisis ten years later – [...]

Rethinking the Performance Appraisal

We’ve hit the fall of 2013, and The Season is nearly upon us!  No, I don’t mean, football, hunting or even the holidays.  I’m talking about (insert drum roll here) Performance Appraisal Season. Someone must love performance appraisals, but [...]

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    The Hayes Approach is the August Small Business of the Month

The Hayes Approach is the August Small Business of the Month

The Hayes Approach Named Greenville Chamber’s August Small Business of the Month, read about it here


About the Greenville Chamber’s Small Business of the Month Program
The Greenville Chamber recognizes an extraordinary small business at each monthly board meeting. The [...]

The Top Five People Mistakes – Solved

Last issue, we talked a bit about the Top Five People Mistakes that companies make. Rather than leaving you hanging with all problems and no solutions, I’d like to discuss some fixes in this issue that you can implement [...]

Be Yourself

Be yourself, produce great results and then share the credit and be humble about it!

A large body of leadership research indicates that openness to learning and a healthy dose of humility are key to successful leadership.  Yet everywhere they [...]

Igniting Results: “Next Age Leaders Think Differently”

I once asked a church leader…
what he thought was the reason most pastors & ministers entered the ministry. He said,

“Most pastors get into it because they want to be used by God to advance His kingdom.
They want to [...]