Business Black Box

Rethinking the Performance Appraisal

We’ve hit the fall of 2013, and The Season is nearly upon us!  No, I don’t mean, football, hunting or even the holidays.  I’m talking about (insert drum roll here) Performance Appraisal Season. Someone must love performance appraisals, but [...]

The Top Five People Mistakes – Solved

Last issue, we talked a bit about the Top Five People Mistakes that companies make. Rather than leaving you hanging with all problems and no solutions, I’d like to discuss some fixes in this issue that you can implement [...]

The Top Five People Mistakes

Everyone reading this article handles people issues perfectly- yet we owe it to our less-perfect, well intentioned colleagues to share our wisdom in the area of people. To make it a little easier, I’ve captured what I believe are [...]

What To Do With A “Peter Principle”

We made it- 12/21/12 is several weeks behind us! If you wondered, even for a minute, if 2012 might have marked the end of the need to worry about HR — sorry … 2013 is here and HR issues [...]

Wheat, HR and Staying Out of Jail

I like attorneys. Really. Some of my very best friends are attorneys! Have you noticed, though, how some attorneys use a lot of words? I have worked with fantastic labor attorneys over the years, and owe much of my [...]

R U Ready 4 Gen Z?

Ready or not, here they come! Raised with internet, cell phone, MP3, texting and social media, the group known as Gen Z (arguably 1991 to 2011) is growing up! The group brings an unusual mix of skills. They can [...]