What is Business Coaching?

Coaching is a popular term these days, but it carries different meanings depending on who is doing the coaching.  At THA we specialize in leadership, effectiveness and productivity and our coaching practice centers around these areas.


Individuals may seek coaching because they are struggling with a particular role, environment or workplace relationship.  Sometimes the individual initiates the coaching relationship and sometimes it is recommended by a manager or colleague.  In all cases, the coaches at THA guide a process that puts control in the hands of the individual while providing tools, encouragement, accountability, guidance and support.

Leadership Teams 

Just as our bodies are shaped by the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes (sometimes subconscious) in our minds, organizations are shaped by the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions of their leadership teams.  Formal or informal, there are groups of individuals in every organization that set the direction for others.  When these groups function well and make use of occasional objective review and feedback, the organization typically flourishes.  However, often these groups have struggles – blind spots, conflicts, unresolved or unrecognized disagreements, myopia – that decrease not only their personal and collective effectiveness but damage the productivity of the organization.  Naming and working through these struggles early keeps the team and organization heading down the right path.  Unfortunately, teams in the midst of struggle often cannot see that they are struggling until they have moved far off course and correction is painful or impossible.

While the business coaches at THA encounter many businesses only when the struggles have become very painful, they also seek to work with healthy leadership teams and organizations who desire to remain healthy and increase their overall productivity.  A business coach may be just what your leadership team needs to help take your organization to the next level.