picture of fake glasses-cropBe yourself, produce great results and then share the credit and be humble about it!

A large body of leadership research indicates that openness to learning and a healthy dose of humility are key to successful leadership.  Yet everywhere they go, leaders are asked to provide the answers, demonstrate their worth and (in many cases) justify their paychecks.  So how is today’s leader supposed to develop and display this a healthy self-respect that recognizes she is offering value but does not yet know everything?

The first step comes in recognizing that we are more than the roles we play.  In my coaching practice, I regularly ask people to consider their value should their jobs, families and community positions suddenly disappear.  What might their intrinsic value be?  This question is a tough one, but it gets right to the core of that self-respect – which is a foundational building block for good leadership.

So what’s so great about you?